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Energy Management




Street lighting is a major component of the energy consumption in cities and towns. Unimep along with its partner and world-leader Bouygues Energies & Services provide an innovative system that

  • reduces the electricity consumption up to 50% in many cases
  • improves the lighting of the streets and public buildings
  • transforms the existing power distribution network into a digital communication network

  • This innovative system is called CityBox®. CityBox® is a patented technology that is easily added to the power distribution panels and inside the light poles. This enables real-time or programmed individual dimming and on-off switching controls. The very same system not only reduces the power usage, but it is also capable of handling additional digital systems. On such a network some cities use CCTV cameras, add audio systems for public announcements and music broadcasting, Wi-fi bases for mobile devices, parking control systems, defibrillators, etc.

    The CityBox® system is being used in over 60 cities in 10 countries, including big metropolitan areas like Paris and London, since 2011.



    Hypervision® Supervisory Software is a comprehensive and proven solution deployed world-wide for monitoring and reporting energy performance in your facilities.

    It enables savings in energy use and operating expenses by continuously updating and upgrading operating parameters, and provides forecasts of future expenditures for budgeting purposes.

    With the Hypervision® Supervisory Software you can:

  • Create consumption profiles for all points in the facility
  • Issue alarms when consumption is unexpectedly high
  • Forecast changes in consumption based on operating conditions and exterior weather conditions
  • Identify potential energy, water and other resource savings points
  • Engage end-users in energy efficiency programs
  • Create a data bank for facilities and campuses for future improvements
  • Measure occupant comfort
  • http://www.bouyguesenergiesservices.com/solutions/index.php